2019-2020 Term

Some executive positions remain vacant in our Council.  Should anyone wish to volunteer their time to serve with them during this new term, they would be welcomed with open arms!  Please pray about it.  We are all women of different gifts and talents at different stages in our lives, but new people and a healthy turnover mean we can grow and be the best kind of CWL Council possible.


President:                                       Theresa Duncan

Past President:                               Theresa Duncan – 2018

President-Elect/Organization:  Michelle Goyer

1st Vice-President:                        VACANT

2nd Vice-President:                      VACANT

Treasurer:                                       Tina Steffler

Secretary:                                       Becky d’Haêne

Spiritual Development:             Lauretta Dearing    

Christian Family Life:                  VACANT

Community Life:                          Lorna Neumann

Education & Health:                    Donna DeLong 

Communications:                       Janet Jones

Legislation:                                    VACANT

Resolutions:                                   VACANT

Parish Activites:                           Alice Hanson