CWL Service Pins

The CWL Crest was chosen and authorised at the 3rd National Convention in Winnipeg in 1922.  The league colours are blue, white and gold.  Blue was chosen for Our Blessed Mother Mary; white and gold are the Papal colours.

Blue symbolises loyalty and faithfulness.  White is for purity and joy.  Gold symbolises the kingdom and royalty. God is represented by the blue cross.  And, of course, the maple leaves represent Canada.

When a woman joins, she is presented with the insignia pin at her installation ceremony.  At St. Paul’s this usually occurs at the 7 pm Mass which precedes our April meeting.  At our June Wind-up, members who have served ten years and more receive their service awards. The ladies in the photo below, taken in  August 2012, were among those in St. Paul’s CWL who had served the most years in the Catholic Women’s League, some being enrolled by their mothers when they were sixteen!

2012.08.23, CWL Awards Luncheon 015

The Catholic Women’s League recognises members who have made outstanding contributions to the League through the Bellelle Guerin Award as well as through the CWL’s Maple Leaf Service Pin.

All League Pins should be worn on the left side of one’s chest as a symbol of service to God and Canada.  You can purchase a dark blue pin ribbon  on which to place them, if you wish; this is a fundraiser for the 2019 CWL National Convention which Councils in the Diocese of Calgary are organising. Service pins should be worn with pride, honour and loyalty.