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Baros Cruises

Breathtaking Baros Journeys

A sailing adventure tempts you across the seas, to see what you can see beyond our atoll. Champagne fizzes in your glass as you toast to another unforgettable Baros moment. A million experiences await you on and around our legendary isle.

Couple Sailing on a Cruise at Baros Maldives
Set sail on Nooma

Sail billowing in the breeze, wooden prow pointed towards the horizon – Nooma, our Maldivian dhoni, gets you out on the water in the traditional way. Reef snorkelling adventures, sunset sailing or romantic dinner cruises for two, our little Nooma is the perfect vessel for an authentic local experience. She features a sundeck, a private saloon lounge and an air-conditioned double bedroom – everything at your fingertips for a jaunt across the waves.

Yacht Rides at Baros Maldives
Private Yacht Cruises

Experience freedom on the high seas aboard our luxury yacht, available to be chartered for majestic cruises in the Atoll. The Yacht has a private saloon, a cabin for two and a friendly and helpful crew ­– just right for daylong adventures, and as plush as you please for those romantic sunset trips.

Our Guest Experiences Team is here to arrange the ideal island adventure for you once you book your holiday with us.
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